The HEALTH CENTRE in Jakubowice

We assure a perfect conditions of stay and accomodation for all our patients, accomodation in 2-, 3- or four-bed rooms, very spacious and each with bathroom prepared for old and handicapped people's needs. Each room is equiped with alarm instalation for the patient to call the staff in case of any need at every time of night and day. Moving all over the building is very easy because of the quiet hydraulical lift. We assure a perfect medical care and rehabilitation. At the patients' disposal we have the large old park dating from early XIXth century, you can find there limes, chestnut trees, oaks, beeches, hornbeams and elms. The park is sinking into the old forest. One can see there an unique plants there.

Our patients are assured with a fantastic kitchen based on food coming from local agriculture, growed up without the use of chemical fertilizers, all raised in natural way. We prepare all this to take better care of your health.

To take better care for our patients we installed in all the palace devices of the best world quality and all the devices have necessairy atests.

The main advantage of the Health Centre in Jakubowice, besides the highest standard and proffesionalism, is a perfect location.
You just have to go the A4 lane and near Krapkowice make your way towards Głogówek, then after about 30 minutes your will find yourself in our palace.
You need only one our to get to Jakubowice from the Silesian aglomeration via Racibórz. And you need only 20 minutes by car to get to Polish - Czech border crossing point in Pietrowice Głubczyckie - Krnov. From this crossing point you can get to Prague, Vienna, Bavaria or north Italy travelling with convenient tracks (highways) via Czech Republic. The nearest international airport is situated in the Silesia, in Pyrzowice near Katowice, about 1,5 hour by a car from Jakubowice.

A geographical location and a friendly climate have a good influence on healt and a frame of mind of our patients.

Jakubowice are situated on the Głubczycki Tableland, at the foot of Opawskie Mountains and from the West it is sorrounded by Sudety Mountains. Thanks to such a location, a dust and air pollutions from industrialized areas of the north parts of Czech Republic cannot reach Jakubowice. Winds blowing from north-west that dominate in this region protect this area from industrial pollutions from Upper Silesia. Głubczycki Tableland is also free from local industrial pollutions - in this area the basic role always played agriculture, any bigger factories have never raised here and recently also even these smallest ones are being closed. It all makes soil pure, streams clear (and water in the streams has a mountain character and a high biological value) - the surroundings of Jakubowice are a fantastic place to have rest, get rehanbilitated, spend the autumn of one´s life that in this place would be really a gold one.

Nature endowed the Głubczycki Tableland with fertile loessal oils and suprisingly tender climate as for the area so close to the mountains. The spring begins here early, the autumn lasts long and is warm, and sun shines statistically for over 300 day every year.
Before ages local people appreciated this natural values and they cultivated hop and even... grapevine here.

But it weren't hop and grapevine that became the symbol of the region. The soil as well as untypical climatic conditions give what prof. Pieniążek (the Polish authority in fruit-farming) called an original microclimate of cherry. Such beautiful multihectarous orchards can be seen from the windows of our palace.