Within the group of farm-buildings, on fair-sized swell but close to these buildings stands beautiful palace of Jakubowice. It is a free-standing, storeyed palace, with provided with a cellar under a whole building. The entrance to the palace leads via wide stairway through spacious terrace.

Present buildings date from the XVIIth century and 1st half of the XIXth century. The shape of the palace, some architectural details and cellars that need a deeper examination (they hundreds of meters long) seem to indicate that a large part of the building (and especially the lower parts), can be predated even to the XVIth century. This palace, as well as some other Silesian palaces, is one of the most interesting monuments of the Province of Silesia and as a matterf of fact it needs a scientific examination from the point of view of the history of art.

First record about te village dates from 1406 - Jakobsdorf, this name survived till 1945, and it is already in the 1845 when the Polish name was in use. The village belonged to the property of Jakubowice. In the 1817 Jakubowice became a property of von Szczutovsky family. The park and palace complex with only slight corrections survived till now. In the 1879 a new palace was erected (this date is to be read on the fla on the north tower). In this same period a new decorative garden was founded around the residence. The last resident who lived in the palace till 1939 was Maria von Szczutkovsky. After the IInd World War the palace belonged to PPS in Grudynia Wielka and functioned as a hotel.

Before the renowation that finished in 1981 there were apartments for the local PGR workers and hotel rooms.
After the renowation the building was meant to serve as a hotel and a library.
Then for some years the palace was left empty.

The palace of Jakubowice (near Pawłowiczki) was constructed with a brick and with a wooden roof construction.
Till now above the cellar survived arched brick roof (a full ceramic brick).